Comprehensive Pain Management


At the ASC of Rockaway our physicians practicing interventional pain management believe that treating the patient, not just the condition, produces the best results. Integrating interventional pain management techniques, a patient-first approach, and innovative thinking, we are able to combat your chronic pain and return to your normal routine.

We use state-of-the-art diagnostics to help in creating individualized treatment plans to effectively manage and alleviate pain. We understand that everyone is different and pain affects us in different ways. With constant advances in medicine, The ASC of Rockaway realizes that you have to heal the whole person with the use of classic and modern treatments.

World leading
Surgical Center

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What our patients say

I just had surgery done last week and I was blown away by the surgeon, the staff, the environment and more… Everyone was so knowledgeable, kind and so patient in answering all my questions in a very attentive and caring way. The ASC Rockaway Beach is a top-notch Surgery Center.

Jordan G

Excellent Medical and Administrative staff. I had a similar surgery in a Community Hospital, and there is huge difference in staff training and attention to patient’s needs. Thank you, the doctors and other medical personnel, for an easy surgery, for the professionalism and for an uneventful and fast recovery.

Nicole S

I never thought I would say this about a medical facility, but it was a pleasure to get my surgery done at the surgery center of Rockaway. Every person I interacted with was kind, helpful, friendly, and reassuring. I will recommend this facility to my friends and family members.

John W

Excellent care, coordination, communication - everything. Staff and providers were so friendly and informative. They made me feel comfortable and well cared for. I was educated on the pre and post-op instructions and payment due the day of surgery. The Surgical facility is simply outstanding. My surgery went well and am in recovery phase now.

Tina M