The ASC of Rockaway Beach is a fully accredited, Article 28, Medicare-approved ambulatory surgical center that offers top-notch medical care in a warm, inviting setting. Our physicians and our highly competent staff are dedicated to providing the best possible surgical outcomes. Skilled registered nurses provide patients and their families with detailed patient education during: Admission, Pre-Operative Phase and prior to discharge.

We consistently outperform hospitals in both quality of care and patient satisfaction. We greatly value our patients and their families’ confidence in entrusting us with their safety, comfort, and convenience while we provide optimal clinical care. Our management team is focused on providing the highest level of care and communication to our patient, physician specialists and their staff. Our physicians enjoy a partnership that provides an efficient extension to their offices for cost effective alternatives, and time saving features to augment today’s medical practice.A foundation for our team – we respectfully pledge our commitment to provide training, education and the advancement of the work environment though dedicated corporate support.


We deliver the highest quality care using the most advanced technology in a comfortable, patient-friendly environment. Our centers are independently regulated by processes including state licensure, voluntary accreditation, and Medicare certification.


As an ambulatory surgical center, we are able to provide a highly efficient same-day surgical experience. Those efficiencies allow us to pass on savings to our patients with most patients paying less co-insurance than they would in a hospital setting.


Our patients conveniently access registration, waiting rooms, surgical suites, and recovery rooms all in the same location. All surgeries are scheduled, so your procedure will never be delated due to an emergency surgery.

World leading
Ambulatory Surgical Center

Our patients are put first. Our center offers a private, state-of-the-art setting for providing the best outpatient surgery in the region.


What our patients say

I just had surgery done last week and I was blown away by the surgeon, the staff, the environment and more… Everyone was so knowledgeable, kind and so patient in answering all my questions in a very attentive and caring way. The ASC Rockaway Beach is a top-notch Surgery Center.

Jordan G

Excellent Medical and Administrative staff. I had a similar surgery in a Community Hospital, and there is huge difference in staff training and attention to patient’s needs. Thank you, the doctors and other medical personnel, for an easy surgery, for the professionalism and for an uneventful and fast recovery.

Nicole S

I never thought I would say this about a medical facility, but it was a pleasure to get my surgery done at the surgery center of Rockaway. Every person I interacted with was kind, helpful, friendly, and reassuring. I will recommend this facility to my friends and family members.

John W

Excellent care, coordination, communication - everything. Staff and providers were so friendly and informative. They made me feel comfortable and well cared for. I was educated on the pre and post-op instructions and payment due the day of surgery. The Surgical facility is simply outstanding. My surgery went well and am in recovery phase now.

Tina M